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I started to ride at the age of 39 after being introduced to horses through my daughter who had rode all her life, I bought myself a pony and started to have lessons with Katie has I have never learnt any basics. Katie is a fantastic instructor, she taught me the basics and helped me get my lazy cob more forward going. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons has Katie explains her instructions clear and precise and has a lot of patience. Then after my basic lesson Katie teaches my daughter who is very experienced after years of riding. It's wonderful to see how Katie adapts from giving me basic training which is what I require to an upbeat lesson with my daughter, my daughter has had her pony 3 years, she never had lessons with him until 6 months ago with Katie, they have both improved so much together it's a credit to have Katie has an instructor.
Clare P

From my first lesson with Katie I knew I'd found the perfect instructor for Solo and I! Firm without being pushy, encouraging and confident, she gets the best out of me and my mare at the level we are at, and her expertise has improved my riding considerably! Despite health setbacks on my part, she has always been flexible and considerate without letting our training slide, and her knowledgeable, calm and consistent approach is something we truly value, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, at whatever level they or their horse may be.
N. W and Solo (4 year old Welsh D Mare)

I had lessons with Katie for about one year before I became pregnant. My aim was to have lessons in order to develop my riding abilities whilst also bringing my horse on. Katie has a great style of working. Not only did she tailor the lessons to suit what I wanted to work on and achieve, but she also pushed me to work on areas that I was less confident in. I have always been nervous at jumping and would avoid this if possible but Katie was good at pushing me outside of my comfort zone whilst also taking into account my fears and anxieties.rnrnMy confidence in jumping increased throughout the time I had lessons with her and I look forward to taking up lessons again, once the baby has arrived. Katie was great at identifying the bad habits I have picked up during my time riding and also good at recognising the bad habits my horse had developed. I noticed a big improvement in the way my horse rode and also an increase in his fitness. The exercises Katie showed me and the things she gave me to work on between lessons meant that not only did I develop a better understanding of riding but also meant that I could continue to develop outside of the lessons. Overall Katie is an excellent instructor, she is flexible and supportive whilst also pushes you to achieve.